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Suggestions for Authentic places near Upper East Side, New York

    • 8.4
      Austrian$$$$View Menu
      1048 5th Ave (at E 86th St), New York
      • Siobhán

        Siobhán • November 19, 2017Extremely expensive but also truly authentic from the decor to the wait staff to the food. If you're planning on treating yourself this is a great place to do it — otherwise go to the downstairs cafe.

    • 7.8
      Cocktail$$$$View Menu
      768 Madison Ave (65th Street), New York
      • Toth E.

        Toth E. • March 31, 2014Nice place! But they made a huge mistake. Espresso like an Americano, not authentic italian...

    • 7.2
      Mexican$$$$View Menu
      233 E 77th St (at 3rd), New York
      • Ryan B.

        Ryan B. • February 9, 2017This is the most authentic Mexican restaurant I've been to in 4 years of living in NYC. It's a hole in the wall place on UES that makes great authentic Mexican dishes and drinks.

    • 7.2
      Pizza$$$$View Menu
      1431 1st Ave (at E 74th St), New York
      • Marc F.

        Marc F. • November 3, 2012One of the best authentic pizza places in the city!

    • 7.2
      Italian$$$$View Menu
      1022 Madison Ave (79th), New York
      • Crystal H.

        Crystal H. • June 11, 2014Authentic Italian pizza. If you're looking for NY pizza, you are in the wrong place! Service was slow but the Margherita was wonderful and fresh!

    • 9.0
      1411 2nd Ave (btwn E 73rd St & E 74th St), New York
      • Nitzan B.

        Nitzan B. • October 16, 2016Place is authentic and food is really good!

    • 7.8
      Deli / Bodega$$$$View Menu
      1266 2nd Ave (66th), New York
      • Rebecca S.

        Rebecca S. • November 1, 2013Best place. Wide variety and all authentic. Most caring owner. Such a homey feeling. Love this place already.

    • 8.8
      Greek$$$$View Menu
      1481 York Ave (at E 78th St), New York
      • Morgan M.

        Morgan M. • April 16, 2017Lively place with great Greek staples. Start with the grilled octopus and beets (very yummy sauce). Go for the imported fish for more authentic (and better cooked) experience

    • 7.1
      Italian$$$$View Menu
      1109 1st Ave (at E 61st St.), New York
      • Lunar L.

        Lunar L. • September 13, 2011Authentic and amazing Italian spot. A bit of an older crowd. Small place and quite popular so make a reservation if you go during busy hours.

    • 6.7
      Chinese$$$$View Menu
      242 E 79th St, New York
      • dawn.in.newyork

        dawn.in.newyork • March 26, 2016One of the rarest authentic and classic dim sum places on the UES. Enjoy dim sum served only between Noon to 4pm daily. And high-end Chinese atmosphere.

    • 7.0
      French$$$$View Menu
      1343 2nd Ave (E 71st St), New York
      • Victoria R.

        Victoria R. • April 6, 2014Small place, noisy but you can still hear yourself talk. Great owner/manager. Pretty authentic French fare. Moules frites, excellent hanger steak. Will go back.

    • 6.4
      1367 1st Ave (73rd and 74th), New York
      • ZenFoodster

        ZenFoodster • October 12, 2017Menu, service & prices are geared more towards Caucasians (note: don't get XLB / soup dumplings @ a Canto place - decent 1’s are usually from authentic Shanghainese cuisine - which UES really needs!)

    • 9.1
      Desserts$$$$View Menu
      864 Madison Ave (btwn E 70th & E 71st St), New York
      • TeeAnje B.

        TeeAnje B. • August 11, 2014THE mother of all Macaron. if you want authentic Paris macaron, this is the place to be. Long lines, but worth the wait!!

    • 8.6
      Burgers$$$$View Menu
      152 E 86th St (btwn Lexington & 3rd Ave), New York
      • Javier P.

        Javier P. • September 9, 2018Great burgers and fries. If u're looking for an authentic experience, come to this place. Great after visiting MET Museum or MoMA

    • 8.4
      English$$$$View Menu
      401 E 76th St (btwn York & 1st Ave.), New York
      • The Corcoran Group

        The Corcoran Group • July 19, 2013If you're in search of authentic English pub food, this is your place. While we love the fish and chips, the JWF burger with bacon can't be missed.

    • 7.5
      Deli / Bodega$$$$View Menu
      1442 1st Ave (at E 75th St), New York
      • Nina L.

        Nina L. • March 30, 2014Authentic food but incredibly pricey. For $16.95, I think I need to find another place that makes a mean pastrami on rye...

    • 6.2
      Diner$$$$View Menu
      1133 1st Ave (at E 62nd St.), New York
      • Gareth D.

        Gareth D. • December 14, 2010Authentic New York diner. 24 hour, cool place to just hang out. Featured in Rules of Engagement.

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