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Suggestions for Bowling alley near The Loop, Chicago

    • 8.4
      Bowling AlleyView Prices
      435 East Illinois Street, Chicago
      • Trish N.

        Trish N. • February 25, 2015A new place on the rise! Great atmosphere, with great dishes and customer service!

    • 6.5
      Bowling AlleyView Prices
      322 E Illinois St (btwn N Columbus Dr & N McClurg Ct), Chicago
      • PUMA

        PUMA • July 12, 2011Bowl In style at Lucky Strike! One of Chicago's best bowling allies. Remember life's more fun when you're keeping score!

    • 5.5
      Bowling AlleyView Prices
      330 N State St, Chicago
      • Shannon J.

        Shannon J. • July 24, 2012Get here early and you can walk right in. Sometimes they card at the top of the stairs sometimes they don't. It's a bowling alley and they have food and sometimes they have dancing on weekends!

    • 5.9
      Bowling Alley
      750 S Halsted St (at Polk St), Chicago
      • Shannon J.

        Shannon J. • July 24, 2012Open late, this bowling alley isn't just for students (however students get a MAJOR discount). It's usually not too busy either. It's on campus so check it out for good CLEAN fun!

    • 8.2
      322 E Illinois St (btwn Fairbanks Ct & McClurg Ct), Chicago
      • Oscar J.

        Oscar J. • October 12, 2010Awesome experience at this theatre. It has a bar, bowling alley. Very clean.

    • ?
      Tech Startup
      111 N Canal St Ste 455 (Washington), Chicago
      • Sean R.

        Sean R. • December 3, 2014Check out to cool tables in the kitchen made from bowling alley wood.

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      Salon / BarbershopView Products
      68 W Hubbard St (N Clarks St), Chicago
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