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Patricia Lee
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Patricia Lee
11 places updated July 19, 2021
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Patricia Lee
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Patricia Lee
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Patricia Lee
7 places updated August 9, 2020
Places that are welcoming to all, no matter what you look like.
    Patricia's Recent Tips
    "Fish and chips on point! Fast service. Nice atmosphere and easy ordering. Dog friendly."
    Patricia LeePatricia Lee · March 21
    · Pacifica, United States
    "The food is good, but unfortunately the bar right next door dampens the dinner experience by blasting U.S. frat music anthems on their speakers (think LMFAO Party Rock Anthem on repeat)."
    Patricia LeePatricia Lee · September 1, 2021
    · Marseille, France
    "A very special and aesthetically pleasing place in SLO thanks to the owners (Helena and Jonathan). They put a lot of thought into what the space means to them and to the artists/artisans they support."
    Patricia LeePatricia Lee · July 19, 2021
    · San Luis Obispo, United States
    "I was pleasantly surprised by the decor and charm of The Hideout. It felt like a bit of L.A. tucked away in Lafayette. The waffle sandwich was a yummy indulgence. Same owners as Guava Martinez."
    Patricia LeePatricia Lee · July 10, 2021
    · Lafayette, United States
    "I haven’t had enough of their coffee to place a verdict on that, but Bondadoso is one of the more charming cafes in the area. Outdoor and indoor seating both pleasant to spend time in. Kind staff."
    Patricia LeePatricia Lee · July 10, 2021
    Coffee Shop
    · Walnut Creek, United States
    "Rooms are on the small side, but “smart” and clean. The team at the hotel went above and beyond to make me feel welcomed. They are the gems of the hotel, along with the food/drinks at Emerald Hour."
    Patricia LeePatricia Lee · July 10, 2021
    · Mountain View, United States