Polichka’s Liked Places
Sarra. Coffee & Food is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

1. Sarra. Coffee & Food

просп. Голосіївський, 84, Kyiv, Kyiv City
Café · Holosiiv · 17 tips and reviews
Philos Athens is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

2. Philos Athens

Σόλωνος 32, Athens, Attica
Bistro · Dexameni · 117 tips and reviews
Bouillon Chartier is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

3. Bouillon Chartier

7 rue du Faubourg Montmartre, Paris, Île-de-France
Bistro · Faubourg-Montmartre · 453 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: A bit rude service, although food was nice, simple environment, more like a canteen feeling.

Les Cocottes is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

4. Les Cocottes

135 rue Saint-Dominique, Paris, Île-de-France
French Restaurant · Gros-Caillou · 219 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: So so so so good. Enjoyed every single bite!

Angelina is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

5. Angelina

226 Rue de Rivoli, Paris, Île-de-France
Tea Room · Place Vendôme · 622 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Amazing sweets, couldn’t wait such a long line to sit down so took it out and enjoyed in the Park.

Le Comptoir du Relais is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

6. Le Comptoir du Relais

9 carrefour de l'Odéon, Paris, Île-de-France
Bistro · Odéon · 169 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Excellent excellent excellent. Everything. From wine to food.

Le Petit Vendôme is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

7. Le Petit Vendôme

8 rue des Capucines, Paris, Île-de-France
Auvergne Restaurant · Gaillon · 69 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Nice baguettes, but nothing to fall downstairs

Le Dalí is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

8. Le Dalí

228 rue de Rivoli (Hôtel Le Meurice), Paris, Île-de-France
French Restaurant · Place Vendôme · 27 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Cedric Grolet pastry is top experience and highlight of trip to Paris. Would love to revisit again

Стейкхаус is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

9. Стейкхаус

вул. Володимирська, 49, Kyiv, Kyiv City
Steakhouse · Teatralna · 52 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Замечательное место. Вкусно, интерьер очень по духу. И Либкин милашка :-)

Zafferano is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

10. Zafferano

вул. Центральна, Kiev, Kyiv Oblast
Italian Restaurant · 23 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Дорого. Вкусно. Красиво. Достойно.

Madame Josy is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

11. Madame Josy

вул. Бориса Грінченка, 4а, Kyiv, Kyiv City
Dessert Shop · Old Town · 82 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Свежий круассан ничем не хуже парижского!

Attica Zoological Park is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

12. Attica Zoological Park

(Αττικό Ζωολογικό Πάρκο)
Αγίου Δημητρίου (Θέση Γυαλός), Spata, Attica
Zoo · 115 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Great Zoo! Animals don’t look at all like they are suffering there. And definitely lemur’s cage is a must visit

ManiMani is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

13. ManiMani

Φαλήρου 10, Athens, Attica
Greek Restaurant · Makrygianni · 259 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Top top top place! Excellent modern Greek food, various selection of dishes and not trivial recipes. Highly recommended

Verona Pizza is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

14. Verona Pizza

вул. Костянтинівська, 71Е (вул. Оленівська), Kyiv, Kyiv City
Pizzeria · Podil · 59 tips and reviews
Casa Nori is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

15. Casa Nori

вул. Борисоглібська, 1 (вул. Сагайдачного), Kyiv, Kyiv City
Italian Restaurant · Zamkova Hora · 80 tips and reviews
Da Vinci is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

16. Da Vinci

Κασσαβέτη 19, Kifissia, Attica
Ice Cream Parlor · 22 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Chocolate ice cream with orange is delicious and the taste is intense!!!!

GRANO & Grano Cafe is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

17. GRANO & Grano Cafe

вул. Болсуновська, 2 (бул. Дружби Народів), Kyiv, Kyiv City
Italian Restaurant · Pechersk Raion · 14 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Очень и очень вкусный новый член семьи ресторанов Гусовского. Небольшое меню, из пасты только равиоли, а пицца вкуснее Напуле :-)

BAO • Modern Chinese Cuisine is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

18. BAO • Modern Chinese Cuisine

вул. Мечникова, 14/1, Kyiv, Kyiv City
Chinese Restaurant · Klov · 197 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Вкусно, красиво, неоправданно дорого.

Zhizn Zamechatelnikh Lyudey is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

19. Zhizn Zamechatelnikh Lyudey

(Життя Чудових Людей)
вул. Велика Васильківська, 36, Kyiv, Kyiv City
Breakfast Spot · Holosiiv Raion · 376 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Вкусные блюда, но меню и интерьер чем-то по стилю похоже очень на Любимого Дядю. Но от первого посещения ЛД был намного больший восторг нежели от ЖЗЛ.

Ανέμη is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

20. Ανέμη

Αγ. Παρασκευής, Chalandri, Attica
Toy Store · 3 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: LOVE this toy store.It offers selection of excellent high quality toys that you won't find in big chain stores like Moustakas or Jumbo.If you are a fan of Djeco, Haba etc you will love it as well

Vive Mar is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

21. Vive Mar

Λεωφ. Κωνσταντίνου Καραμανλή 18, Voula, Attica
Lounge · 221 tips and reviews
AB Vassilopoulos is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

22. AB Vassilopoulos

(ΑΒ Βασιλόπουλος)
Λεωφ. Πεντέλης 84 (Θησέως), Chalandri, Attica
Grocery Store · 16 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Used to be pricey, but now the prices were adjusted. And all the offers make your shopping more fun :-)

23. Λαική Αγορά Χαλάνδρι Τρίτη

Μεσολογγιου, Chalandri, Attica
Farmers Market · 1 tip
Λαικη Αγορα Χαλανδριου οδος Παρνασσου is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

PolichkaPolichka: Great place to get your veggie/fruits shopping done here!

Mystras Castle Town is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

25. Mystras Castle Town

(Καστροπολιτεία Μυστρά)
Σταυρού-Μυστρά, Mystrás, Laconia
Castle · 17 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: If you pass by Sparta, you should make a stop here. It's a must!

New Malvasia Hotel is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

26. New Malvasia Hotel

Κάστρο Μονεμβασιάς, Monemvasía, Laconia
Bed and Breakfast · 10 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: You can't beat the views that hotel offers! Nice rooms, nice breakfast, definitely would like to stay here again.

Saga Restaurant is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

27. Saga Restaurant

Τζαννή Τζανετάκη, Gytheio, Laconia
Fish Taverna · 51 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: I will not be the first who says good words about fish soup. It's soooo good. As is taramosalata. Maybe the best taramosalata I had in my entire life!

Limeni Village Hotel is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

28. Limeni Village Hotel

Limeni, Laconia
Hotel · 19 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Oh yes, I forgot to mention that this hotel offers amazingly good breakfast!!!!!

Κάρδαμο is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

29. Κάρδαμο

Πλατεία Σιδηροδρομικού Σταθμού 21, Kalamata, Messinia
Greek Restaurant · 141 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: I just loved the place, very interesting Greek food with modern twist. You can't go wrong with any dish from the menu!!!! Excellent!

Τυροκομείο Κωσταρέλου is one of Polichka’s Liked Places.

30. Τυροκομείο Κωσταρέλου

Λεωφ. Πεντέλης 46, Vrilissia, Attica
Cheese Store · 8 tips and reviews

PolichkaPolichka: Loved the shop, their cheeses are amazing, great selection of EVERYTHING!