Bix’s Liked Places
Oncle Sam is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

1. Oncle Sam

Burger Joint · 7 tips and reviews
Le Saint-Aulaye is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

2. Le Saint-Aulaye

377 Rue Vanderkinderestraat, Brussels, Brussels-Capital
Bakery · Churchill · 44 tips and reviews
Snack chez Babo is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

3. Snack chez Babo

Chaussée d'Anvers 335 (Masui), Brussels, Brussels-Capital
Snack Place · Brussels · 4 tips and reviews

BixBix: An institution of the north of Brussels, a very good fries snack. Kofte is very tasty, and people are cool. Warning : gets very crowded at noon (especially Wednesdays) because of schools nearby.

Menma is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

4. Menma

Baksteenkaai 34 Quai aux Briques (Rue du Chien Marin), Brussels, Brussels-Capital
Ramen Restaurant · Brussels · 11 tips and reviews

BixBix: Wonderful dishes, very nutritious.

5. Tongo Market

Chaussée de Wavre 1593, Brussels, Brussels-Capital
Market · Brussels (Auderghem) · 1 tip

BixBix: A nice general purpose grocery store. Owner is very cool.

Parc Tenreuken is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

6. Parc Tenreuken

Brussels (Watermael-Boitsfort), Brussels-Capital
Park · 3 tips and reviews

7. Cimetière Saint-Hilaire

Marville, Lotharingen
Historic Site · No tips or reviews
Federal Pensions Service (FPS) is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

8. Federal Pensions Service (FPS)

(Federale Pensioendienst (FPS))
Europaesplanade 1 Esplanade de l'Europe, Brussels (Saint-Gilles), Brussels-Capital
Government Building · 2 tips and reviews

BixBix: Formerly ONP/RVP (Office National des Pensions/Rijksdienst Voor Pensioenen), this is the new official name, starting April 2016.

Place Maurice Van Meenenplein is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

9. Place Maurice Van Meenenplein

Place Maurice Van Meenenplein, Saint-Gilles, Brussels-Capital
Plaza · 1 tip
Stubbe is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

10. Stubbe

Av. Adolphe Buyllaan 94, Elsene
Sandwich Place · Boondaal · 9 tips and reviews

BixBix: This place has existed for years, but has been bought recently by a new owner, Libanese afaik. They kept most of the old shop's menu, and added new stuff. Pretty neat, good quality/price ratio

Tasty is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

11. Tasty

Triomflaan 201 Boulevard du Triomphe, Brussels (Auderghem), Brussels-Capital
Snack Place · 1 tip

BixBix: a nice place for a snack while visiting someone at the hospital. Good products there. A bit expensive.

12. Delhaize Shop And Go

Food & Drink Shop · University · No tips or reviews
Le bio Sauvage is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

13. Le bio Sauvage

Avenue Henri De Brouckère 2, Brussels (Auderghem), Brussels-Capital
Health Food Store · 1 tip

BixBix: The shop has been bought by a new owner since December 2020, and since then there are plenty of new products, including delicious natutal wines, craft beers, gins and nice biscuits. Go there!

Vue sur Flagey is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

14. Vue sur Flagey

Place Flagey, 27, Ixelles, Brussels-Capital
Optical Shop · No tips or reviews

BixBix: Good Glasses shop.

15. Place Pouchkine

Place Pouchkine, Brussels (Laeken), Brussels-Capital
Plaza · No tips or reviews
Marché de Jourdanmarkt is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

16. Marché de Jourdanmarkt

Place Jourdanplein, Brussels, Brussels-Capital
Farmers Market · Jourdan · 3 tips and reviews

17. Gel’art

Chaussée de Wavre 1325
Ice Cream Shop · Brussels (Auderghem) · 1 tip

BixBix: Very nice artisanal ice creams. "à la" italian, with this typical elasticity in them. Wonderful.

La Crêpe Dorée is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

18. La Crêpe Dorée

7 Avenue de la Concorde, Neuchatel-Hardelot
Creperie · 2 tips and reviews

BixBix: I’ve rarely seen such a fast service. Staff is friendly, everything is very hearty and nourishing. Also family-friendly: baby change stuff in the toilets and kids chairs.

Coucou - Poelaert is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

19. Coucou - Poelaert

Bistro · Sablon · No tips or reviews
La Source Beer Co. is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

20. La Source Beer Co.

Rue Dieudonné Lefèvrestraat 4, Brussels (Laeken), Brussels-Capital
Brewery · Laken · No tips or reviews
Chez Marraine is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

21. Chez Marraine

200 Avenue Chazal, Schaarbeek, Brussels-Capital
Burger Joint · 11 tips and reviews
Frituur Louis is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

22. Frituur Louis

Leopoldplein, De Haan, West Flanders
Friterie · 1 tip
Moeder Lambic is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

23. Moeder Lambic

Rue de Savoiestraat 68, Saint-Gilles, Brussels-Capital
Beer Bar · 63 tips and reviews
Recyclerie Sociale is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

24. Recyclerie Sociale

Rue de Belgrade 104, Brussels, Brussels-Capital
Thrift / Vintage Store · Forest · No tips or reviews
Maza'j is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

25. Maza'j

Vorstlaan 145 Boulevard du Souverain, Brussels (Auderghem), Brussels-Capital
Middle Eastern Restaurant · 12 tips and reviews
Le Cactus is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

26. Le Cactus

Nightclub · Brussels (Auderghem) · 8 tips and reviews

27. Kanta Archiducs

Avenue Des Archiducs, Brussels (Watermael-Boitsfort), Brussels-Capital
Grocery Store · No tips or reviews
Deniz is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

28. Deniz

Waversestwg. 1610Chée. de Wavre, Brussels (Auderghem), Brussels-Capital
Fast Food Restaurant · 5 tips and reviews

BixBix: A very tasty durum shop. Vegetables are fresh and yummy, and the portions are hunger-satisfying.

La Brocante is one of Bix’s Liked Places.

29. La Brocante

Rue Blaesstraat 170 (Rue des Renards / Vossenstraat), Brussels, Brussels-Capital
Bar · Marolles · 27 tips and reviews

30. Les Jardins De La Vignette

Rue de la Vignette 74-76, Brussels, Brussels-Capital
Garden · Brussels (Auderghem) · No tips or reviews