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Josh A
20 places updated July 29, 2015
All the unique spots in Round Rock that you should check out!
Josh A
131 places updated
131 places including Russian House, Koriente Restaurant, Launderette, Odd Duck
Josh A
663 places updated
663 places including Casa Chrisente, Quest Night, The Bistro of Oakwood, Beyond Van Gogh
    Josh's Recent Tips
    "Really nice place to get away. Clean and new. Cute pond and small trails."
    Josh AJosh A · September 20, 2020
    Vacation Rental
    · Spring Branch, United States
    "This place is phenomenal. One of the best BBQ joints around Austin. A rare place where even the lean brisket is great as are the sides and free beans. Highly recommend."
    Josh AJosh A · April 24, 2020
    · Austin, United States
    "Good house beers. The stout was the best flavor. Food was also tasty. Service was good. Nice place for an evening in Haifa."
    Josh AJosh A · January 19, 2020
    "Very impressive remains of a 13th century Arabic fort. Be prepared for a bit of a walk up steep stairs. Signage is good."
    Josh AJosh A · January 19, 2020
    National Park
    · Nimrod, Syria
    "Cool view of Syrian border. It was quite cold and windy at the top. The inside has been closed off so you can only see the top ramparts. Small coffee and snack stop at the top."
    Josh AJosh A · January 19, 2020
    Military Base
    · Syria
    "New and small distillery being run out of basically a strip mall garage but don’t let that turn you away. Very solid product. Incredible assortment for such a small operation. Absinthe, whisky, grappa"
    Josh AJosh A · January 19, 2020
    · Qatsrin, Syria