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Connoisseur of the finer things in life IG and SC: @asmabandar

Ar Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Asma Bandar
3 places updated August 31, 2016
3 places including The Melting Pot, The Mansion Lounge, Cento per Cento
Asma Bandar
2 places updated
2 places including Terrace Cafe, Aseel Garden
Asma Bandar
38 places updated
38 places including 4Twins Coffee & Sweet, Cafe Deluxe, جامع سليمان أبانمي -رحمه الله-, Sushi Yoshi
    "الله يجعله بميزان حسناتك ويغفر لك ويرحمك يا بابا سليمان ❤️"
    Asma BandarAsma Bandar · May 7, 2019
    "Not worth the hype. 1: took us almost two hours in queue to order. 2: after ordering it took 40 minutes more. 3: the buzzer never rang we had to check. 4: food was cold and chicken slightly pink!"
    Asma BandarAsma Bandar · November 29, 2018
    Fried Chicken
    · Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    "The Stuffed French toast is everything! You might have to stand in line to get a seat but it's worth it plus they sometimes offer sweets for people in line. Their fruits are fresh and extra good."
    Asma BandarAsma Bandar · August 31, 2016
    · La Jolla, United States
    "Hands down best beach in SD. The people around the neighborhood kinda don't like seeing new faces but it's normal. Rent a house on the beach and you won't regret it."
    Asma BandarAsma Bandar · August 31, 2016
    · La Jolla, United States