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Dave Pinter
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Dave Pinter
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    "Arguably the best listening room sound system in NYC defeated by improperly mounted door hinges. Once you notice the squeaks, you can’t un-hear them. Still a pretty awesome place."
    Dave PinterDave Pinter · September 24, 2019
    Music Venue
    · Brooklyn, United States
    "A beautiful space, I can't wait to see what it is next because Bevacco is awful. Waited 40 min. for pasta in a nearly empty place. Big mistake, much better options up & down the block. Be warned."
    Dave PinterDave Pinter · May 26, 2014
    · Brooklyn, United States
    "My favorite hotel in Munich. Rooms are spotless and well designed. Staff are friendly and very helpful. Ask for a room ending with 09 which are on the corner of the building. Large rooms, nice views."
    Dave PinterDave Pinter · September 18, 2013
    · Munich, Germany