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A Taiwanese foodie, building foodie lists on the road.

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MJ Lee
8 places updated July 31, 2019
Some said Prague restaurant staffs dont smile. Its true to a degree so im here to compose a list of Prague smiles.
MJ Lee
30 places updated July 10, 2019
Woods Hole, Falmouth, Marthas Vineyard, and the great Cape Cod area
MJ Lee
26 places updated November 5, 2021
Yeah, there are missing countries and places. We knew it and will keep updating this list as we travel. If I should add anything, let me know. :D
MJ Lee
10 places updated April 5, 2017
I capture what's good in Italy. Mostly food but some of other fun.
MJ Lee
5 places updated January 15, 2017
5 places including Carlin Park, Seven Fish, Ebisu Japanese Restaurant, Coolinary Cafe
MJ Lee
5 places updated December 28, 2016
5 places including Tea Era, Picaro Cafe, what8ever, BBH Noodle
    MJ's Recent Tips
    "Go to cardinalxc.org to know more about this parent organized running camp."
    MJ LeeMJ Lee · 2 weeks ago
    Summer Camp
    · Dorrington, United States
    "Bostock is a newly found love. Lots of love here. 🤣"
    MJ LeeMJ Lee · July 19
    · Falmouth, United States
    "It's hidden, it's a gem. Off Main St, you can't tell until you see the small sign. My fam tried 3 different sandwiches and all great. Ice coffee is a summer therapy."
    MJ LeeMJ Lee · July 18
    · Edgartown, United States
    "200+ year old house maintained by an old couple. The wife grew up in this house and inherited it. It's about heritage in New England. Couple bought the lot right next and turned into beautiful garden"
    MJ LeeMJ Lee · July 16
    B & B
    · Falmouth, United States
    "200+ year old house maintained by a handy old couple."
    MJ LeeMJ Lee · July 16
    B & B
    · Falmouth, United States
    "My family had a great time and brunch food here, and are amazed by the low review score on Google Map and Foursquare. Check out the giant wall art pieces. Ex-owner made $$$ from art and left."
    MJ LeeMJ Lee · June 19
    Coffee Shop
    · Paris, France