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Ciudad de México, Mexico
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Lau U
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Lau U
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    Lau's Recent Tips
    "Love the prosciutto ciabatta. Also the matcha w/salted cheese foam or just with boba! Great place, good food and kind service."
    Lau ULau U · March 31
    · Burbank, United States
    "What a cute way to eat an ice cream. Love the flavors and the fish shape cone.I tried the taro in the cone and the milk & ube ice ream topped with Oreo crumbs. (📸 @somisomiicream )"
    Lau ULau U · July 13, 2021
    Ice Cream
    · Glendale, United States
    "One, if not the only one, best place to eat an authentic Mexican concha (excellent flavor, quality & price). Also try the “agua fresca”: horchata, jamaica and lime-chia. They have also vegan options."
    Lau ULau U · July 13, 2021
    · Los Angeles, United States
    "It was the first time that I tried arepas, and this are wonderful. Great taste and size. I tried The Original, Cheese, and Vegan. The mix of beans and fried plantains are 👌🏼. No doubt and try them."
    Lau ULau U · June 25, 2021
    Food Truck
    · Los Angeles, United States
    "If you want a real Mexican churro no doubt to try #TheChurroMan. Great flavor, many dip options and the service is good. I like it very much! “Si Señor!”"
    Lau ULau U · June 25, 2021
    Food Truck
    · Granada Hills, United States
    "I always like Trader Joe’s but this new spot is great, because it is wide, bright, the people are friendly and you don't feel tight. Without parking problem in an open mall that promises to be fine."
    Lau ULau U · June 25, 2021
    Grocery Store
    · North Hollywood, United States