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    Jennifer's Recent Tips
    "Don’t stay here. Walls are paper thin. You can hear everything above you and in the rooms around you. Terrible smell to the rooms. Ripped pillow cases and bedding, banged up furniture. Friendly staff."
    Jennifer MitchellJennifer Mitchell · 1 week ago
    · Georgetown, United States
    "Paneer tikka masala, naan, and veggie samosas! Their rice is really good too."
    Jennifer MitchellJennifer Mitchell · January 24
    North Indian
    · Oakland, United States
    "They did a good job on our nails, but they were very pushy for us to pay for our whole service in cash (not just a cash tip) so we had to go next door to a dispensary, use an ATM, and pay a fee. 😕"
    Jennifer MitchellJennifer Mitchell · July 1, 2021
    · Alameda, United States
    "The weirdest Pad Thai I have ever experienced. It reminded me of the movie, Elf, when he puts syrup on spaghetti noodles."
    Jennifer MitchellJennifer Mitchell · December 29, 2019
    · Arlington, United States
    "Intimate venue for enjoying live music. Nice outdoor patio and quirky fun décor throughout. Cash bar. Lots of nearby options to grab a bite before a show."
    Jennifer MitchellJennifer Mitchell · June 18, 2018
    Rock Club
    · San Francisco, United States
    "Overpriced for the service quality - messy uneven gel, zero attention to cuticle care, weird uneven nail shapes, etc. Definitely didn’t get what I paid for. Friendly staff, no wait, but they’re slow."
    Jennifer MitchellJennifer Mitchell · May 20, 2018
    Nail Salon
    · Arlington, United States