Fabrica de Pensule is one of Cluj.

1. Fabrica de Pensule

Str. Henri Barbusse nr. 59-61, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Performing Arts Venue · 5 tips and reviews
The Shelter is one of Cluj.

2. The Shelter

Piața Unirii nr. 25, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Music Venue · 13 tips and reviews
Piața Unirii is one of Cluj.

3. Piața Unirii

Piața Unirii, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Plaza · 33 tips and reviews
Piața Muzeului is one of Cluj.

4. Piața Muzeului

Piața Muzeului, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Plaza · 15 tips and reviews
Camino is one of Cluj.

5. Camino

Piața Muzeului nr. 4, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Gastropub · 97 tips and reviews
Mama Manu is one of Cluj.

6. Mama Manu

Str. Memorandumului nr. 6, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Fast Food Restaurant · 1 tip
Shto College Bar is one of Cluj.

7. Shto College Bar

Str. Memorandumului nr. 6, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Bar · 110 tips and reviews
Booha Bar is one of Cluj.

8. Booha Bar

Str. Piezișă nr. 19, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Bar · 87 tips and reviews
City Food is one of Cluj.

9. City Food

Napoca St., Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Café · 5 tips and reviews
Café Bulgakov is one of Cluj.

10. Café Bulgakov

Str. Inocențiu Micu Klein nr. 17, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Café · 46 tips and reviews
Zorki Photo Cafe is one of Cluj.

11. Zorki Photo Cafe

Str. Ion Rațiu nr. 10, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Café · 26 tips and reviews
L'atelier Cafe is one of Cluj.

12. L'atelier Cafe

Str. Memorandumului nr. 9 (atelier-cafe.ro), Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Café · 56 tips and reviews
Flying Circus Pub is one of Cluj.

13. Flying Circus Pub

Str. Iuliu Maniu nr. 2 (Piața Unirii), Cluj-Napoca, Transilvania
Pub · 19 tips and reviews
Fabrica de Bere Ursus is one of Cluj.

14. Fabrica de Bere Ursus

Calea Mănăștur nr. 2-6, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Brewery · 74 tips and reviews
Casa TIFF is one of Cluj.

15. Casa TIFF

Str. Universității nr. 6, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Café · 58 tips and reviews
Samsara Chill-Out & Tea House is one of Cluj.

16. Samsara Chill-Out & Tea House

Str. Emil Racoviță nr. 27, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Tea Room · 82 tips and reviews
Enigma Cafe is one of Cluj.

17. Enigma Cafe

Str. Iuliu Maniu nr. 12, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Café · 55 tips and reviews
Casino Centru de Cultură Urbană is one of Cluj.

18. Casino Centru de Cultură Urbană

Parcul Central Simion Bărnuțiu, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Art Gallery · 2 tips and reviews
Muzeul de Artă is one of Cluj.

19. Muzeul de Artă

Palatul Banffy (Piața Unirii nr. 30), Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Art Museum · 8 tips and reviews
Galeria Casa Matei is one of Cluj.

20. Galeria Casa Matei

Piața Muzeului, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Art Gallery · 3 tips and reviews
Sisters is one of Cluj.

21. Sisters

Str. Universității nr. 2, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Café · 100 tips and reviews
Euphoria Biergarten is one of Cluj.

22. Euphoria Biergarten

Str. Cardinal Iuliu Hossu nr. 25, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Beer Garden · 100 tips and reviews
Bujolé is one of Cluj.

23. Bujolé

Piața Unirii nr. 15, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
French Restaurant · 22 tips and reviews
Toulouse Café-Brasserie is one of Cluj.

24. Toulouse Café-Brasserie

Piața Unirii nr. 12, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Café · 115 tips and reviews
Le Général Café-Pub is one of Cluj.

25. Le Général Café-Pub

Bd. Eroilor nr. 18, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Pub · 39 tips and reviews
Londoner Pub is one of Cluj.

26. Londoner Pub

Str. Emile Zola nr. 5 (între P-ța Muzeului și Regele Ferdinand), Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Pub · 47 tips and reviews
Old School is one of Cluj.

27. Old School

Str. Andrei Şaguna nr. 6 (Regele Ferdinand), Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Pub · 30 tips and reviews
Ferdinand 5 is one of Cluj.

28. Ferdinand 5

Str. Regele Ferdinand nr. 5, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Cocktail Bar · 10 tips and reviews
Rehab College Bar is one of Cluj.

29. Rehab College Bar

Str. Piezisa nr. 23, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Bar · 14 tips and reviews
Cafe Papillon is one of Cluj.

30. Cafe Papillon

Str. Emil Isac nr. 9, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Bar · 19 tips and reviews
Restaurant Roata is one of Cluj.

31. Restaurant Roata

Strada Alexandru Ciurea Nr. 6A (Emil Isaac), Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
Eastern European Restaurant · 28 tips and reviews