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JL Johnson @User47
85 places updated October 27, 2019
If you're into plane spotting, airports and whatnot, this list is for you. Featuring some of the best aviation geek tips and spots from across the US, curated by the mastermind behind aviationgeek.net
JL Johnson @User47
38 places updated
38 places including Historic 1920S Airmail Arrow, Raleigh-Durham International Airport, Southern Aircraft Watching/Spotting Area, Yankee Air Museum
JL Johnson @User47
154 places updated
154 places including ElevenEleven, Campisi's Restaurant - Lovers Lane, Burger King, Le Toit d'Abidjan
    JL Johnson's Recent Tips
    "This statue depicts a French woman who went into the bush for natural remedy to yellow fever. Her husband died waiting for “modern medicine”"
    JL Johnson @User47JL Johnson @User47 · March 18
    · Grand-bassam, Ivory Coast
    "Does the architecture of this hotel seem a little off? That’s because this building used to be a carbon copy of the office building directly to the north. They took it down to the studs to start over."
    JL Johnson @User47JL Johnson @User47 · December 12, 2021
    · Kansas City, United States
    "These folks take great care of our pups"
    JL Johnson @User47JL Johnson @User47 · November 13, 2021
    Pet Service
    · Lees Summit, United States
    "The firefighters sell good quality, reasonably priced merch. Just knock on their door and they’ll let you in."
    JL Johnson @User47JL Johnson @User47 · September 17, 2021
    · Hemet, United States
    "Easy to miss. They operate out of the drug store. No, not a pharmacy. 😳"
    JL Johnson @User47JL Johnson @User47 · August 6, 2021
    Mac & Cheese
    · Fairbanks, United States
    "Overall a fun and awesome take on drive-through vegetarian. On a whim I added a burrito to my order and it very well may have been the best part. Absolutely looking forward to visiting again"
    JL Johnson @User47JL Johnson @User47 · July 11, 2021
    Vegetarian / Vegan
    · Corte Madera, United States