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Gilt City prides itself on only having the best experiences, sales and events on our site. Our curators know the best of the best in each city, so these tips come straight from them. Enjoy! When you check in to a venue and are using a Gilt City offer, tweet using the hash tag #giltcityapproved for a special insider-only treat.

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Gilt City
22 places updated March 5, 2013
Looking to grab a drink during the week? Check out these after work hot spots!
Gilt City
24 places updated December 3, 2014
Romantic places to go on Valentine's Day and whenever you want to spend some time with a special someone.
Gilt City
14 places updated February 10, 2013
14 places including Firebird Restaurant, PDT (Please Don't Tell), Spitzer's Corner, Middle Branch
Gilt City
16 places updated October 27, 2012
16 places including Franklin Cafe, Sweet Cheeks Q, Matt Murphy's, Craigie on Main
Gilt City
10 places updated October 27, 2012
10 places including CityZen at Mandarin Oriental, Washington DC, ChurchKey, Founding Farmers, Co Co. Sala
Gilt City
39 places updated October 27, 2012
39 places including The Astor Room, Brasserie, Colicchio & Sons, Annisa
    Gilt City's Recent Tips
    "Tweet or Instagram a photo with #RaidTheWarehouse and you'll be entered to win $200 in Gilt.com credit!"
    Gilt CityGilt City · September 14, 2012
    · Miami, United States
    "Start with Spiny Lobster and Hearts of Palm Cajou, Braised Oxtail and Kimchee Steamed Dumplings and the mouth-watering Ropa Vieja of Duck."
    Gilt CityGilt City · February 16, 2012
    · Miami Beach, United States
    "This newly opened ice cream shop is churning out Cuban-inspired flavors like sweet plantain, Cuban coffee and avocado, which The Miami Herald called “butter-cream ecstasy.”"
    Gilt CityGilt City · February 16, 2012
    Ice Cream
    · Miami, United States
    "Brazilian-born Cleber Lopes is a veteran in the beauty industry, having studied techniques at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, MAC and L’Oréal, among others."
    Gilt CityGilt City · February 16, 2012
    · Miami, United States
    "Fresh Beauty Studio was named the “Best Boutique Beauty Lounge” 2011 in South Florida’s Gold Coast Magazine."
    Gilt CityGilt City · February 16, 2012
    · Fort Lauderdale, United States
    "With nine fighter jet simulators and a Boeing 737-700 flight simulator, Flightdeck is probably as close as you’ll ever get to mach speed."
    Gilt CityGilt City · February 16, 2012
    Theme Park
    · Anaheim, United States