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Explorer from Southern California. My name is not Dora. SU6.

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H. Colbert (@hrsch)
41 places updated May 2, 2022
41 places including Apple Michigan Avenue, Apple Champs-Élysées, Apple Hilldale, Apple Orchard Road
H. Colbert (@hrsch)
18 places updated April 22, 2022
18 places including Hau Tree Lanai Restaurant, Moke's Bread & Breakfast, Liliha Bakery, MW Restaurant
H. Colbert (@hrsch)
25 places updated May 1, 2022
Places I’d Recommend in and Around Honolulu. Sticking to places I've been for now, hit me up for additional reccs that are on my radar.
H. Colbert (@hrsch)
22 places updated May 22, 2022
22 places including Santiam River Rest Area (NB), Subway, Eastside, Dakine Hawaiian Shaved Ice
H. Colbert (@hrsch)
152 places updated May 16, 2022
152 places including Denino's Pizza, South Press, Santiam River Rest Area (NB), Joel Goldenberg, DDS
H. Colbert (@hrsch)
50 places updated August 26, 2020
50 places including Cape Flattery Trail, Hall of Mosses, Treehouse Island Zip Line Adventures, Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort
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    "Join their loyalty club for discounts and credits."
    H. Colbert (@hrsch)H. Colbert (@hrsch) · 22 hours ago
    Flower Shop
    · Portland, United States
    "They have a 3 quesatacos & consommé combo for $14."
    H. Colbert (@hrsch)H. Colbert (@hrsch) · 22 hours ago
    Food Truck
    · Portland, United States
    "Fridays and Saturdays they have a multi course Japanese fusion meal for $80/person prix fixe, by reservation only."
    H. Colbert (@hrsch)H. Colbert (@hrsch) · 3 days ago
    Deli / Bodega
    · Honolulu, United States
    "It’s good chicken but they can’t do anything; in other words, don’t ask them to customize."
    H. Colbert (@hrsch)H. Colbert (@hrsch) · 1 week ago
    Fried Chicken
    · Portland, United States
    "Primarily a kitesurfing beach. Accessed via a secret tunnel that used to be for toll booth workers to get to their booths."
    H. Colbert (@hrsch)H. Colbert (@hrsch) · 1 week ago
    · Oakland, United States
    "Opened Saturday, April 9th, 2022 as the third overall and second street-level store in Korea."
    · Seoul, South Korea