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Eating up life one dumpling at a time.

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Jen Berg
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Jen Berg
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    Jen's Recent Tips
    "Good food and nice atmosphere but very small portions for the price... three scallops, some wiled spinach and a spoonful of grits for $40. What a deal! Don’t sleep on the pork chop 👍"
    Jen BergJen Berg · December 30, 2017
    · Palm Springs, United States
    "Excellent food, great space and lovely service... albeit a bit pricey. Start with a cocktail, and strongly consider the gnocchi and schnitzel in your order."
    Jen BergJen Berg · February 11, 2017
    New American
    · New York, United States
    "Brunch was bumpin'. Pancakes were out of this world, and I don't even like pancakes. Biscuits and gravy was good not great - def plan to come back and try everything else!"
    Jen BergJen Berg · February 10, 2017
    New American
    · Brooklyn, United States
    "Cash only! Good, simple breakfast spot."
    Jen BergJen Berg · July 11, 2016
    · Shelter Island, United States
    "Lovely studio and welcoming community. Free mat when you drop in ($20) or buy a class pack. Must visit if you're in NOFO!"
    Jen BergJen Berg · July 11, 2016
    Yoga Studio
    · Greenport, United States
    "Three happy hours (BOGO!) and yummy popcorn that they constantly refill. Awesome staff make this the perfect place to chill if you've had too much sun"
    Jen BergJen Berg · January 4, 2016
    · Thailand