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Jeffrey Glueck


Ex CEO at Foursquare. Dad with 3 kids. Love great meals but trying to keep it healthy. Former Silicon Valley ceo now back in NYC.

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Jeffrey Glueck
21 places updated June 11, 2022
21 places including Pura Vida, Cafe South Beach Deli, Sakaya Kitchen, MILA
Jeffrey Glueck
28 places updated June 26, 2022
28 places including Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, Scales, The Honey Paw, Urban Farm Fermentory
Jeffrey Glueck
1 places updated September 6, 2019
1 place including Country Dough
Jeffrey Glueck
6 places updated June 11, 2022
6 places including Streamer Coffee Company, Les Deux Magots, Le Hibou, Amorino
Jeffrey Glueck
2 places updated April 17, 2019
2 places including The Trout Inn, The Perch Inn
Jeffrey Glueck
7 places updated June 11, 2022
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    Jeffrey's Recent Tips
    "Best slices and chocolate chip cookies around and good Caesar salad too and garlic knots"
    Jeffrey GlueckJeffrey Glueck · 2 weeks ago
    · Tarrytown, United States
    "Unfortunately while affordable this place disappoints as they can only handle mild cognitive impairment not later stage Alzheimer’s once they do the assessment… they reject hard cases so beware."
    Jeffrey GlueckJeffrey Glueck · 2 weeks ago
    Assisted Living
    · Chestnut Ridge, United States
    "Wonderful private pool & tennis club w/ a casual Catskills vibe. pool is not heated so pick a hot day, hit water slide, giant chess set, Martin’s tennis clinics & the mozzarella sticks at snack bar."
    Jeffrey GlueckJeffrey Glueck · 3 weeks ago
    · Tarrytown, United States
    "Nice new spot, egg sandwiches and avocado toast all day, fresh iced tea, muffins, smoothies, coffee, sandwiches... Bit of everything."
    Jeffrey GlueckJeffrey Glueck · July 19
    Coffee Shop
    · Sturbridge, United States
    "Go bowl with half salad and half rice and two proteins for the power move."
    Jeffrey GlueckJeffrey Glueck · July 7
    · New York, United States
    "Wonderful and classic Maine camp… campfires and a giant lake, sports and crafts, lots of games and competitions including the Golden Broom for cleanest cabin."
    Jeffrey GlueckJeffrey Glueck · July 5
    Other Outdoors
    · Poland, United States