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Cynic, Metal, Truth.

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Nigel York
6 places updated October 8, 2014
6 places including Rasputin Music, 101 Music, Streetlight Records, Recycled Records
Nigel York
12 places updated February 3, 2017
12 places including Omni San Francisco Hotel, Rasputin Music, Streetlight Records, Recycled Records
Nigel York
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Nigel York
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Nigel York
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15 places including Shoreline Amphitheatre, Bimbo's 365 Club, The Warfield Theatre, Concord Pavilion
Nigel York
15 places updated March 18, 2015
15 places including Lucky, Angelica's Taqueria Taco Truck, Specialty Tobacco Outlet, CVS/pharmacy
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    "Quality and authentic surplus. Patches, pins, hats, flags, pants, shirts, boots and coats. Floor salesman is a treasure and hoot. Told stories of our Arkansas ties as he fit me for a M65 coat. A+++"
    Nigel YorkNigel York · April 14, 2017
    · San Francisco, United States
    "Clean, your attention span is oversaturated by the assorted neon, leather, some studded items, and high visibility of gold, silver and almost cohrent layout of the shop. Dressing rooms."
    Nigel YorkNigel York · April 14, 2017
    · San Francisco, United States
    "One Trip And Your Head Spins Around And Around...."
    Nigel YorkNigel York · March 15, 2017
    Record Shop
    · San Mateo, United States
    "I think it's great that young adults have a place they may hang out, smoke cigarettes and pound shots of espresso. No problems. There's a nuclear plant that's killing us. Breathe in, smoking is moot."
    Nigel YorkNigel York · November 24, 2016
    Coffee Shop
    · Daly City, United States
    "My trip is not your trip, Randy and crew were best and replaced two front tires in 40 minutes. Price was under, kind, honest, is the sell. Go for it!"
    Nigel YorkNigel York · October 17, 2016
    · Daly City, United States
    "Late night in and out like the wind. No lines and cashiers are absolute smiles and so kind unlike the other options. They may not have all food choices, but being nice wins me over a specific buy."
    Nigel YorkNigel York · October 11, 2016
    Big Box Store
    · Colma, United States