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Founder of The Professional Wingman & The Confidence Labs. Making social skills relevant again in the coolest ways possible.

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Thomas Edwards
1 places updated September 1, 2016
These are my top places to meet people in Los Angeles.
Thomas Edwards
12 places updated December 17, 2013
12 places including Union Square, Burger Bar, Clock Bar, The Tipsy Pig
Thomas Edwards
4 places updated February 2, 2012
These are all the places we went to while in DC. Check them out and see if they're Wingman Approved. For details on the tour, visit: http://bit.ly/xm6aVl
Thomas Edwards
36 places updated March 18, 2014
These are my personal recommendations for people in NYC looking to mingle. There's something here for everyone. Don't be surprised if you see me at one of these places having a scotch, neat.
Thomas Edwards
23 places updated December 17, 2013
This list is my personal recommendations for Boston singles looking to meet people. Don't be surprised if you see me here having a vodka on the rocks.
Thomas Edwards
25 places updated
25 places including Bar Six, ABC Kitchen, B Bar & Grill, Swift Hibernian Lounge
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    "One of the best places to go in New York City. Great cocktails by awesome bartenders with a good vibe. When it's late, the DJ will get people dancing. Oh, did I mention it's an ACTUAL barbershop?"
    Thomas EdwardsThomas Edwards · December 10, 2015
    · New York, United States
    "In one of the more unique buildings in NYC, with their in-house stylists & a great selection of whisky, you won't want to leave. Tell Lisa Gordon I sent you & she'll take care of you."
    Thomas EdwardsThomas Edwards · February 26, 2015
    Men's Store
    · New York, United States
    "Great happy hour spot behind Rosemary's. The cool paradise-themed decor & island vibe doesn't make it a top-notch date spot but that doesn't matter when the burgers & fries are amazing."
    Thomas EdwardsThomas Edwards · December 10, 2014
    · New York, United States
    "Happy Hour varies each day. Here's a snapshot of what they have on the drinks side. Food specials include $5 calamari & $8 pizzas."
    Thomas EdwardsThomas Edwards · December 4, 2012
    · New York, United States
    "The best men's boutique shop in the Boston-area. Tell Dana I sent you & he'll hook you up!"
    Thomas EdwardsThomas Edwards · December 28, 2011
    Men's Store
    · Newton, United States
    "Great date spot. Rarely crowded after work, good lighting, 2 for 1 sangria & great tapas. Can't go wrong & won't break the bank."
    Thomas EdwardsThomas Edwards · November 1, 2011
    · New York, United States