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Over 40 FIT&FABULOUS! Single mom two young adults. Yankee&Giant Fan!

South Orange,NJ
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  • South Orange, Essex County, NJ, United States
  • Bronx
  • New York
  • Maplewood
  • Asbury Park
  • Jersey City
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South Orange, Essex County, NJ, United States
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New York
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Asbury Park
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Jersey City
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West Orange
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Amy Williams
30 places updated September 19, 2014
30 places including South Orange Pool, Peter S. Conner Memorial Swimming Pool, Bunny's Restaurant, Charlie Brown's of Millburn, Maplewood Theater
Amy Williams
38 places updated September 19, 2014
38 places including The Bronx Beer Hall, Dream Makers Performing Arts, Ceetay, The New York Botanical Garden
Amy Williams
53 places updated September 19, 2014
53 places including 365 Store, Beers Of The World, Audi Yankees Club, Bald Vinny's House of Tees
Amy Williams
57 places updated October 9, 2013
57 places including Marliave, SPiN New York, The Balton Terrace, Boston Common
Amy Williams
7 places updated May 2, 2014
7 places including Bunny's Restaurant, Yankee Stadium, The Bronx, NY, My Crazy Home
Amy Williams
115 places updated September 1, 2014
115 places including Baked By Melissa, The Grisly Pear, Romantic Depot, Liberty State Park
    Amy's Recent Tips
    "Our bartender/server was rude and extremely unprofessional. The Jack Daniel grilled wings take at least 45min so if you want to order them I suggest you call ahead to order them."
    Amy WilliamsAmy Williams · August 22, 2017
    · West Orange, United States
    "Go early bring extra documents just in case and you'll be out in 30mins! I took three people to get i.d's done in and out 30min!!!"
    Amy WilliamsAmy Williams · May 15, 2017
    · East Orange, United States
    "Gel Manicure is fabulous lasts 3weeks!! I'm a Bartender so finding a place that does gel manicures properly is rare. This place is awesome!!!"
    Amy WilliamsAmy Williams · May 15, 2017
    Nail Salon
    · Orange, United States
    "Worst service ever I order a burger at 3:09pm and it's 3:39pm and I still don't have it!!! Waitress tells me the cook had to restock on meat??? WTF shouldn't that be done before you open for business"
    Amy WilliamsAmy Williams · April 16, 2017
    · Newark, United States
    "Great dental students willing to learn how to not only be a dentist but work extremely well with their Special Needs patients and family members!!!"
    Amy WilliamsAmy Williams · February 8, 2015
    "People if you are eating/ drinking Please take that one extra step to the garbage can and throw YOUR stuff in the can not on the track, field, or bleachers! Your disgusting!!!"
    Amy WilliamsAmy Williams · September 8, 2014
    Baseball Field
    · Maplewood, United States