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  • 9.4

    Dussmann English Bookshop

    Bookstore Friedrichstr. 90 Berlin, Berlin

    People also say (24 tips):

    • Dhyani M.
      Dhyani Marga: "Love love love this place!! You can also go to the special counter at the english book sections and order the book you want!!"
  • 9.3

    CAFÉ gestern, heute & morgen

    Café Gaudystr. 1 Berlin, Berlin

    People also say (46 tips):

    • Matthieu
      Matthieu: "Superb cakes and nice small breakfast. Moderately cheap, friendly service and very cozy interior"
  • 9.4

    Urban Nation

    Art Gallery Bülowstr. 7 Berlin, Berlin

    People also say (28 tips):

    • Pim
      Pim: "Excellent street art museum hosting work by impressive range of artists. Tries hard to justify street art as art with bloated descriptions. Be sure to walk below the U-bahn for some more street art."
  • 9.4


    Wine Bar Forster Str. 5 Berlin, Berlin

    People also say (54 tips):

    • Mark S.
      Mark Szabo: "Super awesome place. Professional recommendation wine vs. food. Food selection after you have a chat talk to the italian chef. The owner is an absolute connoisseur of wine."
  • 9.4


    Modern European Restaurant Gerichtstr. 54 Berlin, Berlin

    People also say (15 tips):

    • Markus A.
      Markus Aarstad: "Dylan and his team makes no compromises when it comes to sourcing ingredients and bringing out the very best in them. This 30-course, 3-hour counter dining experience is flawless."
  • 9.3

    Duo Sicilian Ice Cream

    Ice Cream Shop Skalitzer Str. 82 Berlin, Berlin

    People also say (40 tips):

    • Mag
      Mag: "I travelled from Charlottenburg to try their ice cream and I’ll be back. My top3 in Berlin, generous servings and really reasonable prices!"

People are talking about these places in Berlin:

  • 9.4

    Brandenburg Gate

    Monument / Landmark Pariser Platz Berlin, Berlin

    People also say (517 tips):

    • Jake S.
      Jake Smith: "Viewed best if you walk from the Berliner Dom to the gate, as the long road lets you take in the gate from a distance. Come in early morning or dusk for the best views of this historic landmark."
    • Oh-Berlin.com
      Oh-Berlin.com: "Did you know? In 1806, Napoleon took the Quadriga - the horses and chariot statue - to Paris. Luckily, it was won back just 8 years later to go on top of the Brandenburg Gate, where it sits today."
  • 9.4

    Treptower Park

    Park Am Treptower Park Berlin, Berlin

    People also say (112 tips):

    • Matthias
      Matthias: "This is probably my favourite park in all of Berlin. You can either chill by the water or anywhere on the big green areas. You can even enjoy some culture by checking out the russian memorial. 😊"
    • Caroline A.
      Caroline Adam: "Love this place! Make a walk from the park to the wonderful forest just next to the Spree river and enjoy Berlin's nature!"
  • 9.4

    Park am Gleisdreieck - Ostpark

    Park Yorckstr. Berlin, Berlin

    People also say (40 tips):

    • Isabella T.
      Isabella Torrealba: "Jogging, walking, skating, pinick, tanning ;) it is big enough to do anything you want. I specially like the integration of the rails with some paths of the park"
    • Matt J.
      Matt Jackson: "One if the best Parks in Berlin. Has a modern open and urban feel. Think Skyline in NYC but broad."

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