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  • 8.9


    Italian Restaurant 111 Walton Street Oxford, Oxfordshire

    People also say (27 tips):

    • Fathima D.
      Fathima Dada: "Branca in Jericho seems to be the most popular stylish go-to restaurant. No wonder, because the food is consistently good. Great deli next door too. I had the gnocci this time and it was lovely!"
  • People also say (42 tips):

    • Steven P.
      Steven Pearson: "Gets fairly busy but very well laid out, lots of strange things to see.... The shrunken heads are brilliant!"
  • 8.9

    The Alternative Tuck Shop

    Sandwich Place 24 Holywell Street Oxford, Oxfordshire

    People also say (11 tips):

    • Juul S.
      Juul Spee: "Long but very quick queue which makes you feel like you’re at the right place for a quick lunch on the go. Eat in the university park, perhaps."
  • 9.2

    The University Parks

    Park Parks Rd Oxford, Oxfordshire

    People also say (14 tips):

    • Finders Keepers
      Finders Keepers: "Refresh the senses with a circuit around University Parks which can be undertaken in 20 minutes. Towards the eastern reaches there is a bridge over the River Cherwell where herds of cattle graze."
  • 8.9

    Society Cafe

    Coffee Shop 12-16 St Michael's St Oxford, Oxfordshire

    People also say (34 tips):

    • Chris P.
      Chris Phillips: "Good specialty coffee shop just off the main drag. House and guest espresso, plus a variety of brew methods. Comfy seating too."
  • 9.0

    Ben's Cookies

    Dessert Shop 108-109 Covered Market Oxford, Oxfordshire

    People also say (22 tips):

    • Marina C.
      Marina Caresia: "There's nothing like eating a fresh and warm Ben's cookies. The charismatic and kind old Ben also makes the difference at the Oxford store. Double chocolate is my fav! Open a store in brazil asap!!!"

People are talking about these places in Oxford:

  • 8.9


    Spanish Restaurant 74 Cowley Road Oxford, Oxfordshire

    People also say (8 tips):

    • Sally R.
      Sally Richardson: "Such a bloody lovely place! They said it was fully booked but chance it on a bar table - and we got a great seat on the bar under the air conditioning unit - perfect for this heat!"
    • James N.
      James Norton: "Oxford’s best date spot and best food, all in one. The Nduja toast is particularly special, but all 5 dishes were brilliant. Boasts lovely ambience and a cosy cocktail bar next door."
  • 9.0

    Thirsty Meeples Board Game Cafe

    Gaming Cafe 99 Gloucester Green Oxford, Oxfordshire

    People also say (17 tips):

    • The Lost Dreamer
      The Lost Dreamer: "Lovely place with tons of board games to choose. Good prices. The milkshakes and sandwiches are cool and music is also really great. A must for a rainy day in Oxford"
    • Stuart
      Stuart: "Fantastic wall-to-wall games and friendly staff who can offer good advice on gaming but the radio can be intrusive when playing, especially when explaining rules. Maybe just switch it off?"
  • 9.0

    Christ Church Meadow

    Field St. Aldates Oxford, Oxfordshire

    People also say (22 tips):

    • Chris P.
      Chris Phillips: "Lovely views back over the meadow towards the dreaming spires. Nice and peaceful down by the Cherwell."
    • Jonathan D.
      Jonathan Davis: "A peaceful park to run in, can be quite busy with tourists though. And the geese are rather bold :P"

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