Metaxi Mas is one of Santorini.

1. Metaxi Mas

(Μεταξύ Μας)
Eξω Γωνιά (πίσω από τον Άγιο Χαράλαμπο), Santorini, Cyclades
Taverna · 230 tips and reviews

Simona M.Simona M: Lived up to the hype. Get the baked feta, the asparagus the octopus with fava beans and the shrimps saganaki. Inexpensive and with good portions!

Santo Wines is one of Santorini.

2. Santo Wines

Πύργος, Santorini, Cyclades
Winery · 126 tips and reviews

GinaGina: Best Sunset. Better than Oia. Much more dramatic to see the sun go down beyond the volcano and into the sea. Wine tasting an extra.

Oia Vineyart is one of Santorini.

3. Oia Vineyart

Οία, Santorini, Cyclades
Greek Restaurant · 27 tips and reviews

Panos D.Panos Dimakis: Lovely atmosphere, amazing people, excellent authentic greek food and drinks!!

Galini Café is one of Santorini.

4. Galini Café

Φηροστεφάνι, Santorini, Cyclades
Café · 136 tips and reviews

JaneJane: Everything is perfect here! Scenic views with good coffee, great breakfast and service. Highly recommended.

Aroma Avlis is one of Santorini.

5. Aroma Avlis

Έξω Γωνιά (Μεσσαριάς-Καμαρίου), Santorini, Cyclades
Mediterranean Restaurant · 28 tips and reviews

DragonPaulDragonPaul: Risotto with chicken and mushrooms, chicken fulled with cheese and chicken salad are really delicious! The variety of topical santorian wines is remarkable!

Argo Restaurant is one of Santorini.

6. Argo Restaurant

Φηρά (προς Παλιό Λιμάνι), Santorini, Cyclades
Restaurant · 265 tips and reviews

Evi P.Evi Peeters: Leave some space for dessert, the orange soufflé with chocolate icecream is so delicious!

PK Cocktail Bar is one of Santorini.

7. PK Cocktail Bar

Φηρά (δίπλα στο Hotel Atlantis), Santorini, Cyclades
Cocktail Bar · Fira · 51 tips and reviews

GiwrgosGiwrgos: They certainly do know how to make cocktails and the view in the front seats is fantastic. You should try the Mojito, or the treasure island if you more than 2-3 people!!

pitoGyros is one of Santorini.

8. pitoGyros

Οία, Santorini, Cyclades
Souvlaki Shop · 75 tips and reviews

Daniel B.Daniel Brunt: We've toured the whole island trying gyros from every town, these gyros are the best by far. Freshest pita bread, tastiest rotisserie meats, crunchiest chips, freshest salads and creamiest sauces!

Pinakio is one of Santorini.

9. Pinakio

Καμάρι, Santorini, Cyclades
Meze Restaurant · 45 tips and reviews

Tatiana B.Tatiana Belyaeva: All you need is good raki:-) perfect service and kitchen! All is very soul

Lolita's Gelato is one of Santorini.

10. Lolita's Gelato

Οία, Santorini, Cyclades
Ice Cream Parlor · 74 tips and reviews

Анастасия Р.Анастасия Рудакова: One of the best ice creams I've ever tried 😍 try one with rose water n pink pepper n classic pistachio, both were awesome

To Psaraki is one of Santorini.

11. To Psaraki

(Το Ψαράκι)
Μαρίνα Βλυχάδας, Santorini, Cyclades
Fish Taverna · 86 tips and reviews

Florentina F.Florentina Flior: Fresh grill fish, octopus,nive view, very friendly staff. We like this place :)

Cave of Nikolas is one of Santorini.

12. Cave of Nikolas

(Σπηλιά του Νικόλα)
Ακρωτήρι, Santorini, Cyclades
Taverna · 31 tips and reviews

Alex S.Alex Sailer: Great food!! (Try Fava, Tzatziki, fried cheese are brilliant!) Cheaper and many times better than in the tourist centered restaurants.

Casablanca Soul is one of Santorini.

13. Casablanca Soul

Φηρά, Santorini, Cyclades
Bar · 31 tips and reviews

EleniEleni: Lemon pie cocktail comes from heaven !

Salt & Pepper is one of Santorini.

14. Salt & Pepper

(Αλάτι & Πιπέρι)
Φηρά (25ης Μαρτίου), Santorini, Cyclades
Greek Restaurant · 47 tips and reviews

Amanda B.Amanda Buckholt: Best dining experience I've had in Greece! It's run by THE nicest couple, & as a solo diner, I felt like I was at my grandparents house for dinner! Try the tomato balls~ amazing & unique to the island

Theofanis is one of Santorini.

15. Theofanis

Ακρωτήρι, Santorini, Cyclades
Taverna · 15 tips and reviews

Manos K.Manos Karvounis: The best traditional greek tavern we've been in Santorini! Try the "santorinia" salad, especially if the season favours tomatoes :-)

Tango is one of Santorini.

16. Tango

(Τανγκο Μπαρ)
Φηρά, Santorini, Cyclades
Cocktail Bar · 65 tips and reviews

Katerina👑🔨💍 I.Katerina👑🔨💍 Ieromonachou: Amazing view, classy crowd!! Friendly service! Ginger berry cocktail!!

Pyrgos Tavern is one of Santorini.

17. Pyrgos Tavern

(Ταβέρνα Πύργος)
Πύργος Καλλίστης, Santorini, Cyclades
Taverna · 16 tips and reviews

Josh W.Josh Wright: Highly recommend the cheesecake. Perfect for two, maybe even three people (very rich).

Koo Club is one of Santorini.

18. Koo Club

Φηρά, Santorini, Cyclades
Night Club · 45 tips and reviews

Andronis ExclusiveAndronis Exclusive: The best club in Santorini, Fira. Nice drinks and cocktails and great music. Ideal for partying or just chilling out with a cocktail.

Two Brothers is one of Santorini.

19. Two Brothers

Φηρά, Santorini, Cyclades
Bar · 49 tips and reviews

Aggeliki S.Aggeliki Sa: Nice club.. The same playlist every day, though...

Tropical is one of Santorini.

20. Tropical

Φηρά, Santorini, Cyclades
Bar · 22 tips and reviews

Nurcin K.Nurcin Kocoglu: Now I've been to Enigma, 2brothers', coo club and murphy's. If you like quality music and crowd this is your place. Tips in Turkish: Roxy , Mavi(kas), korfez(bodrum) severler burası sizin yeriniz

Roza is one of Santorini.

21. Roza

Βουρβούλος, Santorini, Cyclades
Taverna · 3 tips and reviews