Cafe Em Nazih is one of Beyrut.

1. Cafe Em Nazih

Pasteur, Beirut, Beyrouth
Middle Eastern Restaurant · 69 tips and reviews
Joseph Restaurant is one of Beyrut.

2. Joseph Restaurant

Sinn El Fil (Al Sayde), Beirut, Beyrouth
Snack Place · 23 tips and reviews
Kalei Café is one of Beyrut.

3. Kalei Café

Beirut, Beyrouth
Café · 26 tips and reviews
Abou Abdalla is one of Beyrut.

4. Abou Abdalla

Pierre Gemayel St, Dora, Mt Lebanon
Breakfast Spot · 10 tips and reviews
Tawlet Souk el Tayeb is one of Beyrut.

5. Tawlet Souk el Tayeb

Armenia St, Beirut, Beyrouth
Lebanese Restaurant · Mar Mikhael · 25 tips and reviews
Diwan Beirut is one of Beyrut.

6. Diwan Beirut

Charles Malek Avenue, Ashrafieh, Beyrouth
Lebanese Restaurant · 8 tips and reviews
Sandwich w Noss is one of Beyrut.

7. Sandwich w Noss

Gemayzeh, Beirut, Beyrouth
Sandwich Spot · 3 tips and reviews
Barbar is one of Beyrut.

8. Barbar

Spears, Beirut, Beyrouth
Lebanese Restaurant · 24 tips and reviews
Barbar is one of Beyrut.

9. Barbar

Hamra (at Rue Emile Edde), Beirut, Beyrouth
Lebanese Restaurant · 84 tips and reviews
Amal Bohsali is one of Beyrut.

10. Amal Bohsali

Badr Demachkieh St. (Verdun), Beirut, Beyrouth
Dessert Shop · 9 tips and reviews
Electric Bing Sutt is one of Beyrut.

11. Electric Bing Sutt

Gemmayzeh, Beirut, Beyrouth
Sake Bar · 2 tips and reviews
Basterma Mano is one of Beyrut.

12. Basterma Mano

Bourj hammoud, Beirut, Beyrouth
Sandwich Spot · 16 tips and reviews
Liza Restaurant is one of Beyrut.

13. Liza Restaurant

Rue Trabaud, Achrafieh, Beyrouth
Middle Eastern Restaurant · 33 tips and reviews
Hanna Mitri is one of Beyrut.

14. Hanna Mitri

Lebanon, Beirut, Achrafieh
Ice Cream Parlor · 11 tips and reviews
UMMI is one of Beyrut.

15. UMMI

(Beirut Downtown), Beirut, Beyrouth
Lebanese Restaurant · 7 tips and reviews
Al Soussi is one of Beyrut.

16. Al Soussi

Zeydanieh St, Beirut, Beyrouth
Middle Eastern Restaurant · 4 tips and reviews
Enab is one of Beyrut.

17. Enab

Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Beyrouth
Middle Eastern Restaurant · 64 tips and reviews
Central Station is one of Beyrut.

18. Central Station

Mar Mkhayel (Alexandre Fleming Street), Beirut, Beyrouth
Cocktail Bar · 29 tips and reviews
Falafel Sahyoun is one of Beyrut.

19. Falafel Sahyoun

Damascus Rd, Beirut, Beyrouth
Falafel Restaurant · 23 tips and reviews
Mayrig is one of Beyrut.

20. Mayrig

282 Pasteur Street, Beirut, Beyrouth
Armenian Restaurant · 68 tips and reviews
Le Chef is one of Beyrut.

21. Le Chef

Gouraud St, Beirut, Beyrouth
Middle Eastern Restaurant · 30 tips and reviews